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Doctor with a family

For individuals and families that need medical coverage, we provide an array of choices that can fit the budgets of most people. Keep in mind that individual polices, unlike group policies, are subject to medical underwriting, and unlike group insurance, an individual application can be declined. For those that qualify for an individual policy, the premiums are, in many cases less expensive than group premiums. We pride ourselves in providing comprehensive medical coverage that will meet the needs of individuals and families.

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Dental tools

Dental insurance for individuals and families can help to offset the costs associated with claims resulting from dental procedures. A good dental plan in most cases is less expensive than paying for your dental care without insurance. Such policies cover your routine dental work while at the same time providing you with the security of knowing that major services, such as crowns and bridges, will be covered and can help to reduce out of pocket expenses.

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Vision test

In an effort to help assist individuals and families with services for vision, exams, contacts, and glasses, insurance carriers offer vision insurance. These policies are of great value not only in keeping up with the necessities of good vision, but also in making sure that your out of pocket costs are kept to a minimum when receiving services related to your vision needs. As with all of our individual policies, please feel free to contact us for a quote on this valuable benefit.