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Medical Staff

Choosing a medical plan for your employees can be a time consuming task.


We can eliminate many of these difficulties by...


- assessing which plans will be most cost effective for your employees. Factors such as provider lists, coverages, and costs are scrutinized by our team of trained experts to make sure that your employees are receiving the best available options at the most competitive prices.


- continuing to service your employees and their covered dependents long after the initial enrollment by assisting in the education of plan benefits.


- adjudicating of claims and other service issues such as additions and deletions of dependents and billing issues, just to name a few.


- keeping you abreast of the changing landscape with respect to government and carrier specific policies and regulations. Keeping you and your employees informed and compliant is a big part of our job.

Dentist office

Did you know?


Dental problems are one of the leading causes of employee absenteeism and other company time off issues.


Let us design a custom dental coverage for you and your employees...


- Our dental plans cover the gamut of options from employer sponsored plans to voluntary plans where the employee pays the premiums.


- Your custom designed dental plan can fit not only your budget, but your employees' budgets as well.


Many times overlooked as an employer offered benefit, true group dental insurance can be extremely valuable in the recruitment and retention of key employees and personnel. We pride ourselves in providing the best dental coverages in the market available today, giving you and your employees a peace of mind that they can have their dental needs met by competent professionals at a fair and reasonable price.

Eye glasses and vision chart

Vision insurance is an often overlooked yet valuable employee benefit.


Vision packages cover...

- Annual examination

- Contacts

- Eyeglass frames and lenses


Vision benefits can be...

- paid exclusively by the employer.


- offered as a voluntary benefit to be chosen by only those that are in need of this service.


Vision plans can...

- give employees freedom of choice to receive benefits from a provider of their choice.


- reduce out of pocket expenses by staying in a network of preferred providers.


Vision insurance is a valuable coverage that many employees appreciate as part of their employer sponsored insurance package. At National Benefit Advisors, we represent several carriers that offer plans for your employees and their covered dependents. These benefits can provide your employees with the vision needed to perform their tasks to the best of their abilities, not to mention an increased quality of life.

Little girl and father

in many cases, employer provided term life insurance might be the only life insurance that an employee carries.


Traditionally, employers have provided their employees with a group term life policy. Group life insurance is an extremely valuable coverage that one hopes to never use. However it is also a benefit that is vital for your employees and their families, especially in cases where an employee may have difficulty in securing coverage on their own due to insurability factors.


Group life insurance can be offered...

- as completely employer paid.


- as a voluntary benefit which, in addition to covering the employee, can also be offered to their spouse and children, without the concerns of being rated up for pre-existing health conditions.


When choosing a group term policy, whether employer paid or voluntary, it is important to choose a carrier with a strong financial position to make sure that they will be there when you need them the most.

Man in wheelchair

Did you know that more than one in four employees will suffer from a disability in their lifetime that will keep them from being gainfully employed for a period of time?


Whether it is a short-term policy to cover that six-month disability, or a longer term policy for those permanent disabilities, group disability insurance can give employees the peace of mind of knowing that their families will be protected if, for any medical reason, they are unable to perform their duties associated with their employment. At National Benefit Advisors, we can tailor a plan to fit you and your employees needs at a price that you will both find to be very affordable. Why run the risk of not having this valuable coverage, when for just a few dollars a day, you can secure a comprehensive policy that in many cases will prevent the loss of what has taken years to accumulate? Voluntary disability plans for both short term and long term benefits are available to make sure that each employee can make the decision to obtain this valuable coverage.